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Industry Specific Ceramic Coatings

CNS has been developing over 300 different coating products because we know that a whole different coating may be needed according to the type of surface/ purpose/ environment/ use/ etc.

Through continues R&D CNS holds a wide range of ceramic coatings used for House & Buildings / Industrial Uses / Floors / Automobile & Transportation / Aircrafts / Marine / Raw Materials and a lot more.

< Automobile Ceramic Coatings >
Carbon Nanotube Ceramic Coatings with products ranging from 12 months to 9 year durability.


< Home & Building Ceramic Coatings >
Covering both inside & outside of residential buildings, commercial buildings, and government properties.

< Industrial Ceramic Coatings >
Ceramic coatings for raw materials, semi-conductor processing machines, high-end watches and etc

Automobile Ceramic Coatings

CNS TECH INC.'s products stand out for their exceptional quality, crafted with the latest advancements in nano-ceramic technologies. Setting us apart from the majority of products in the market, our offerings seamlessly blend remarkable quality with user-friendly application. With a diverse selection of over 30 products, you have the flexibility to choose a solution that aligns perfectly with your preferences and requirements. This enables you to effortlessly and efficiently deliver the best service to your valued customers.


We Guarantee

At CNS TECH INC, we guarantee that whatever formula you have, we can provide you with a stronger and more durable formula. Through years of experience of producing tailor-made coatings and running endless comparison tests we can provide you with comparison results and guide you through on-field testing as well.


Quality Driven

Our constant effort and time put into R&D enables us to create world's strongest ceramic coatings. All our quality related data are backed up by certifications & test results


Full Turnkey

We can also provide a full turnkey service and deliver finalized products to your door


Product Range

Whether looking for an entry-level ceramic coating or a premium-grade ceramic coat, or even cleaning chemicals, we have it all.



Through years of providing private labels to different partners we have the capacity of formulating specific formulas and delivering the same quality on time.


OEM / ODM Process

Empowered by our cutting-edge R&D-based manufacturing capability, CNS TECH INC. takes pride in offering bespoke solutions. With an extensive and diverse history of spearheading numerous OEM/ODM projects, our partners have the flexibility to select from a repertoire of 300 distinct formulas, each meticulously crafted for specific surfaces and purposes. Should a partner desire an exclusive formula tailored to their specific needs, our adept team is fully equipped to bring that vision to fruition. At CNS TECH INC., we understand that customization is key, and we are committed to delivering tailor-made products that meet and exceed the unique requirements of our valued partners.

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