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CNS Tech Address: Jin-Ri-Gwan T321Ho, 193, Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea



CNS TECH INC., specializes in researching/developing/manufacturing Nano-Ceramic Coatings for industries since 1999.

CNS TECH INC., continues to develop latest Nano-Ceramic Technologies and expend the industry day by day. 


With over 200 million nano ceramic particles per square meter, CNS TECH nano ceramic coatings have the highest abrasion resistance and provide optimal long-term protection for the coated surfaces. The CNS TECH's coatings are continually developed and formulated for use on all types of woods and stones. When applied, our coatings provide a fully natural appearance with little or no actual surface coating. All our sealants are very hardwearing, waterproof, stain and chemical resistant once fully cured.


The CNS TECH's nano ceramic coatings can be used on any type of interior wood & stone, from wooden worktops, floors and staircases to wooden furniture, Japanese soaking tubs as well as walls, bricks, tiles, and more. The protection our coatings provide is second to none, including using the latest high-performance chemical ‘technology’, to resist water, dirt, drink & food, household chemicals and high levels of wear & tear.

Our nano ceramic coating products enhance the natural colours and patterning of wood making, giving a ‘beautiful’ look and feel, with little or no surface coating: the wood still feels and looks natural and products soak deeply below the surface of the wood, strengthening and providing deep protection even when the surface itself has worn after years of use. Our products are also very easy to use. The surface is easy to clean and usually never needs re-applying, except with more ‘tender’ materials. Once the products have cured, there is no residual smell nor harmful emissions. Our products are specifically designed to be easy to apply for both the professional and DIY customer; their refined formulations mean that no particular special skills are required.