CNS TECH’s Protect & Maintenance products are world-class high-products that have been created through long experience and extensive research. The products are user-oriented, and we continuously perform comparative performance tests to bring out the best quality within each product.

TI COAT - Trim and Interior Coat

TI Coat provides strong water repellency and anti-pollutant effect to car’s trim and interior as well as tires. Depending on the surface and condition it can last up to 24 months, and restores color of the faded plastics.

How to use: Use a pad to evenly apply coating onto the desired surface. Depending on the material and environment curing may take up to 8 hours.

METAL COAT– Wheel & Metal Coat

Metal Coat is a product used on metallic materials such as wheels to provide excellent antifouling performance. It protects wheels from brake dust and other various contaminants. It is easy to use, and has excellent bonding to metallic surfaces.

How to use: Wipe off any water on the surface before coating. Use a pad and apply evenly on to the surface of the wheel.


Anti-Fog Coat is a product that turns normal glass surface into hydrophilic anti-fog surface. It does not leave any oily stains and can be used on top of window tinting films as well as all types of glasses.

How to use: Apply a proper amount of product on to the pad and apply it evenly to the surface. Afterwards, gently buff the surface with microfiber towel.

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