The Clean & Shine line-up is made of products that are designed to not only provide fascinating qualities, but also consider the current trend and user’s trouble when using current products in the market.

With excellent cleaning qualities, and yet leaving 0 damage to the surfaces, our products are safe to all surfaces and to the users as well.

DUO:B - Bucket Car Shampoo

Ultra-rich concentrated shampoo with dilution ratio up to 1: 2500

High-density foam that remains attached to the surface for a long time from beginning to end of the car wash eliminates all contaminants attached to the vehicle surface.

It can be used economically with a dilution ratio of up to 1: 2500, and it uses safe ingredients that won’t harm the surface even after leaving them on for a long time.

How to use: Depending on the degree of contamination, pour proper amount of the product and mix it with water to ready to use car shampoo.Use wash mitt or soft sponge to clean the surface

DUO:F - Snow Foam Car Shampoo

Highly concentrated, highly adhesive colloidal snow foam

Hard colloidal foams attach to the surface for a long time to emulsify the contaminants.

As a highly concentrated snow foam product up to 1:50, it can be used economically, and it can be used in various ways by adjusting the water and dilution ratio according to the pollution and cleaning method.

How to use: Dilute to the appropriate ratio according to the degree of contamination and use it on the foam gun for car wash. Wait for the colloidal foam to react with the vehicle's contaminants, then rinse by using wash mitt or sponge and high pressure water.


Glass cleaner with excellent cleaning ability

The powerful cleaning power simultaneously removes contamination and water spots on the glass surface, ensuring a clear view.

In addition to cleaning, it helps to degrease and clean up the surface before coating the glass, and it is excellent in removing micro-contamination of the glass as well as adding antistatic effect.

How to use: Spray the product on to the glass, and gently wipe it with a buffing or cleaning towel. For deep contamination, such as water spots, spray the product directly and gently wipe it several times with sponges.

TW CLEANER - Tire & Wheel Cleaner

Dual cleaner that can be cross-used on wheels and tires

With strong cleaning power, various deep contaminants attached to wheels and tires can be quickly and effectively decomposed to remove decontamination.

It creates a smooth, dirt-free surface of the metal wheels and removes browning of the tires, restoring the original color of the wheels and tires.

How to use: Spray the product on to the contaminated area and rub it by using a brush or sponge. Use high-pressure water to clean off the surface.

※ The product is safe for skin.

APC CLEAN - Multi Purpose Cleaner

Multi-purpose cleaner with powerful cleaning ability

This is a all-around multi purpose cleaner that can be used on every part of the car.

The concentrated product can be diluted up to 1:50 depending on the level of contamination and surface material.

How to use: After washing the car with car shampoo, dilute it at an appropriate ratio according to the remaining contamination level, spray it onto the contaminated area and rub it with a microfiber cloth.


Glass polish for deep contamination and oil film.

Easily removes contamination and water spots on glass. Since cerium oxide is not used, there is no separation of product during storage, and the product can be easily removed even when it smears on plastic and rubber molds during usage.

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount on the sponge pad and rub the contaminated surface in a circular motion.

After application, rinse with high pressure water and wipe off the remaining water with a microfiber cloth.

※Can be used with polishing machines


Easy and complete interior leather care and cleaning

The interior is one of the areas where it often shows hard to remove contamination.

Our product not only decontaminates the surface, but also restores color, as well as leave a unique luxurious scent to please the user.

By using a high-performance formula, it also efficiently removes cosmetics, and other stains that are not easily removed with ordinary cleaners.

How to use: Spray on the area you want to clean and gently rub with a towel or sponge


Highly functional iron remover with extreme adhesion

Unlike commercially available iron removers, de: IRON maximizes the strong reactivity of iron removers with its strong adhesion to even water-repellent surfaces.

It can be diluted up to 1:3 ratio depending on the degree of contamination.

How to use: Spray on the place to remove iron dust (wheel, painted surface, etc.), wait for the reaction time (about 1 ~ 2 minutes), and then wash with high pressure water.


Highly reactive tar remover with strong emulsifying effect

Efficient emulsification of adhered and immersed tar and organic matter to separate it from the surface.

Made with safe ingredients to not harm both the car and the user.

How to use: Spray evenly over the contaminated area, wait for it to react (5 minutes), then wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Wash off by using a high pressure water.


High Quality Bug Remover

de:BUG is a highly reactive product that decomposes bug and other organic matters. It has high adhesion for ultimate performance and is harmless to both users and the car.

How to use: Spray evenly over the contaminated area and let it sit for about 2 minutes. Wash off with high pressure water, and finish with microfiber towel.


High Quality Surface Pre Treatment

de:GREASE has excellent oil removing effect to clean any pollutants that may interfere with the coating. It’s an excellent pre-treatment product. With anti-static effect it quickly prepares the surface to be ready for ceramic coatings to smear in and form a strong bond.

How to use: After washing and removing contaminants spray the product onto the surface and finish with a microfiber towel.

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