Glass Guard is a coating specifically made for automobile glasses. It has excellent water & oil repellency compare to other glass coatings in the market. Also Glass Guard has amazing roll-off angle as well as anti-pollution effect. It helps the driver to drive in a safer environment, and does not make the window judder.

  • Volume: 60ml

  • Usable Area: Glass

  • Durability: 12~36 months

  • Hardness: 8H

  • Water Repellency: 120° at 20 μL, glass

  • Roll-Off Angle: 3~7° at 20 μL, glass

  • Coating Thickness: 200~400 nm

  • Initial Cure : IR Heat Treated – 10 minutes

Room Temperature – 1 hour

  • Final Cure: 1 day


The Anti-stain Leather Shield is designed to protect leather from stains and pollutants. As the trend in the automobile industry shifted into using brighter colored leather seats, the Anti-stain Leather Shield will powerfully protect the leather surface. It is easy to use and creates a thick protection layer that will last for a long time.

  • Volume: 60ml

  • Usable Area: Leather

  • Durability: 12~36 months

  • Hardness: 8H

  • Initial Cure : Room Temperature – 2~3 hours

Additional Layering – After 30 minutes

  • Final Cure: 1 day


Febreco is designed to provide protective and water repellent layer to leather and textile surfaces. It is a sprayable type coating, easy to use, yet with fascinating quality. Unlike the products in the market, it has long durability, very high water contact angle, and does not change the color or texture of the surface.

  • Volume: 300ml

  • Usable Area: Leather & Textile

  • Durability: 3~12 months

  • Initial Cure : IR Heat Treated – 1 hour

Room Temperature – 2~3 hours