Reality of Raw Material Coatings

As the industrial and raw material industries develop, coatings with next-generation qualities are required. However, most of the coatings in the market are just simple water-repellent coatings that have been around for decades.

Although the material maybe same different coatings maybe needed depending on the required performance.

Different coatings should be used on different materials, and different coatings may be required even on the same material depending on the required quality. However, many companies sell coatings derived from one or two coatings, simply diluted with different solvents.

Raw Material Specific Coatings

CNS TECH INC, has the ability to develop and produce tailored coatings for specific material and use.

What are Raw Material Coatings?

Understanding Raw Material Coatings

Coatings are composed of multiple ingredients divided as base material and additives. In order for the coating to perform best at target surface, specific ingredients that fits the requirement should be used. For example, if the target surface is glass, the base material has to be compliant with glass surface, and depending on required features, additives such as oil-repellent, scratch resistant, hardness increaser may be added.

Different coatings are used depending on how it is applied. For example, if a coating is to be applied on wood, fabric, or paper, a different coating may be used depending on the surrounding environment, and method of application (spray or Dip).


Base Material


Problems due to wrong use of coatings

Often times companies face many problems due to using wrong coatings. If the coatings do not function at all in the beginning it wouldn’t be a huge problem, but due to the nature of coatings, often times coatings will function properly in the beginning and seems like it is working properly. However, coatings are meant to protect the surface for a long period of time. If the surface is cleaned multiple times with cleaners, there may be a sharp decrease in quality. Depending on the material the coating and the surface may be separated, or stains may appear.

CNS TECH INC's Advantages

Tailor Produced Raw Material Coatings

CNS TECH is able to provide an optimized solution that fits the specific need of the customer. In order to provide with the best coating, meeting and product sampling is mandatory. From 1st sampling to final product, multiple sampling tests and feedback are taken back and forth. 


LC-70 Leather Coat

WC-70 Wooden Coat

SC-70 Stone Coat

GC-70 Glass Coat

MC-70 Metal Coat

PC-70 Plastic Coat

AC-70 Paper Coat

FC-70 Fabric Coat

R&D Tailored Coat

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