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CNS Tech Address: Jin-Ri-Gwan T321Ho, 193, Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea



CNS TECH INC., specializes in researching/developing/manufacturing Nano-Ceramic Coatings for industries since 1999.

CNS TECH INC., continues to develop latest Nano-Ceramic Technologies and expend the industry day by day. 


Compare to other industries, the ceramic coating for automotive industry is one of the most sophisticated industry. Unlike raw materials or buildings, cars move around and is exposed to many different pollution.  It also has goes through numerous times of car washes that use strong chemicals. Lastly, automotive is made with many different materials including metal,plastic,aluminium,tire,glass,textile,and leather. 

There are many institutes and labs that are into ceramic coating technology, but does not have the technologies for automotive. In CNS, we have the world's latest Nano-Ceramic Coating Technologies for automotive. CNS was the first ones in the world to develop world's first authentic DIY Nano-Ceramic Coatings.   


CNS TECH INC., has been manufacturing Nano-ceramic coatings for years. We have wide range of products for professional Nano-ceramic coatings, and our products are 9H verified and SGS. We create products that are single coatings to products that are multi-layers. Upon our partners' requests we can rearrange our technologies and formulas to create a brand new product that suits are partner's specific needs. Our professional products are not only popular in Korea, but are also being exported to over 18 different countries. We have products that are very price competitive while maintaining great quality, and these products are very popular in the Asian market, we also have some of the world's finest high-end ceramic coatings which are used on premium cars. We also have partnerships with different automobile manufactures and supply our coatings to their network.



< Problems with the existing ceramic coatings >

Ceramic coatings have been gaining its popularity ever since it was introduced. In the modern detailing trend, ceramic coating has been number one choice for both drivers and detailers. But there are some downsides to ceramic coatings. The average service price of ceramic coatings are expensive compared to other detailing services and only professional detailers who has been trained could apply ceramic coatings. If ceramic coatings are applied in a incorrect method or amount, non-removable stains can form, that is why it is impossible for ordinary drivers to apply ceramic coatings on their own, and also causes stress to detailers. Secondly, current ceramic coatings in the market takes long hours to cure, and therefore for multi-layer coatings it takes average of 18 hours to complete a service. These two major problems are reasons behind expensive price, and causes stress to detailers and give burdens to consumers. 

< CNS TECH's Solution >

In order to come up with solutions to current problems in the market, we have been doing endless research and development for years and finally came up with a solution. The current DIY ceramic products in the market are just mere quick-detailing products or sealants. CNS TECH came up with a new technology that enabled elimination of non-removable stains, and fast curing time. Our DIY coatings are so easy to use, that it is not only used by professional detailers, but as well as ordinary consumers who do not have any experience in coating.